G5 Montec Review: All You Need to Know

g5 montec review

Every passionate hunter out there needs to have a variety of tools and appliances in their arsenal to up their hunting prowess. One of the most significant appliances every bow hunter shouldn’t miss out on is a broadhead. Having a proper broadhead guarantees that you can hunt an animal in a humane and righteous way, … Read more

The Best Qad Exodus Reviews in 2023 – Buying Guide [Ranked]

Qad Exodus Reviews

In the broadheads world, the QAD Exodus selections rank among the best. There are many reasons why these broadheads are highly rated, but one major feature is that they are made of 100% stainless steel blades. The broadheads are designed for penetration and accuracy. They are American-Made and perfectly made to kill prey upon impact. … Read more

Rage Broadheads Reviews in 2023 – An Honest Opinion [Ranked]

rage broadheads reviews

Rage crossbow broadheads are among the best out there because they come with a special type of accuracy. Besides that, these broadheads penetrate through the target with perfection. If you are getting them for hunting, you will be satisfied with their delivery. They deliver accordingly and have the ability to bring down the animal within … Read more