Cancooker Review: Discover What Steam Can Do For You

If you’re a passionate hunter, tailgater or RVer, this cancooker review is meant for you. Without a doubt, most outdoor enthusiasts tend to revolve their out-of-doors activities around food.

Let’s face it; it isn’t a rare occurrence seeing a motorhome owner taking breakfast before leaving off for the day’s activity. It’s also easy to spot your fellow motorhome owner planning for their next meal a few hours after the last bite.

For certain, almost every motorhome out there will have a barbecue stashed in some storage compartment. However, not all meals need to be prepped on a barbecue.

One of the most versatile cooking appliances that has recently gained widespread acceptance among outdoor aficionados is a pressure cooker. The Can Cooker is a form of pressure cooker, which is promising to revolutionize the way we cook in our motorhomes.

The CanCooker comes in different cosmetic variations, including the hunter Michael Waddels’s Bone Collector series. For the sake of our can cooker reviews, however, we’ll be setting our eyes on the half size, two gallon CanCooker Inc JR-001 Junior.

Cancooker Review And Overview

CanCooker Inc JR-001 Junior: What is this item?

The CanCooker Inc JR-001 Junior is a simple, easy to use, and effective cook pot that uses steam to create a natural convection for cooking food fast. This revolutionary cookware is designed to lock and retain all nutrients and flavors right into the food to make it delicious and healthy.

CanCooker Inc JR-001 Junior: Who is it for?

This revolutionary 2-gallon CanCooker Junior-001 is ideal for any outdoor get-together. It’s an excellent choice to take with you for hunting, fishing, family picnics, tailgating parties, sporting events, RV, camping, and all sorts of travel events.

This versatile cooking equipment is ready to use just about anywhere. It goes on your kitchen stovetop, camp stove, turkey burner (choose the lowest setting), camp fire, and grill.  Campground chefs can use this item as well, and take advantage of slow-cooked foods with little effort.

CanCooker JR Review: What we like? What stands out?

Sealed Steam, Speedy Cooking

Seth McGinn’s CanCooker JR-001 draws inspirations from the good old milk-can cooking. As the younger brother to the Original CanCooker, this model has a sealed can with steam that helps cook food quickly, using a specially designed and regulated lid. 

cancooker jr reviews

Non-stick Coating

The new cooking device now boasts of a non-stick coating, which lets you make a complete meal for a family without too much work in terms of cleanup. Its nonstick surface is not attractive to food stains, dirt and grime.


Note that the CanCooker Inc JR-001 is a smaller version of the Original CanCooker Jr. and can hold about 2 gallons of food, which is enough for a family supper. In actuality, this unit can feed 1-6 people in less than one hour, and without a lot of work input.

Anodized Aluminum Material

The best part about the CanCooker Junior is that it is made of food-grade anodized aluminum, making it possible to use different heat sources, such as campfires, propane stove, charcoal or gas grills, stove top, turkey fryer, etc. 

As noted by a handful of cancooker jr reviews, the CanCooker Inc JR-001 Junior is a force to reckon with in the cooking realm. To begin with, this simple-but-incredibly sturdy pot is built out of anodized FDA-grade 1060 aluminum, allowing it to accept a variety of heat sources, from BBQ grills to campfires.

Innovative Single-peace Design

Besides the NONSTICK coating that guarantees easy cleanup after every cooking session, this device flaunts an innovative one-piece “shouldered” design.

This design aids in creating convection, which revolves the steam around the bottom, top and sides of food for speedy cooking. Due to the rotating steam, your food cannot stick to the inside of the cookware, thereby making cleanup remarkably simple.

The CanCooker Inc JR-001 Junior features a high-temp silicon gasket for sealing the lid. As soon as water is heated to the boiling point (takes an average of 10-20 minutes), this silicon gasket traps the steam released and uses it for thorough and effective cooking.

Safer Cooking, Healthier Meals

Since the CanCooker cooks using steam, it’s much safer than an ordinary pressure cooker, because the steam cooks meals to a tender perfection while retaining all nutrients and flavors. A small vent in the lid helps steam to penetrate into food passively without causing pressure buildup.

Heavy-duty Riveted Handles

You can close or open the lid whenever you want, with safety clamps for keeping the lid in place. The cookware’s riveted heavy-duty stainless steel handles are both stout and secure for effortless transportation, say from the campfire to the dinner table. The item is relatively lightweight at 1.6 pounds.


  • Sturdy, one-piece aluminum construction for long-lasting performance
  • Vented lid for pressure release to avoid buildup
  • Riveted, heavy-duty stainless handles for transportation
  • Wide mouth design helps you stock and remove food easily
  • Nonstick coating for easy cleanup
  • Uses various sources of heat hence versatile  
  • Premium, high-temp silicone gasket helps seal the lid and lock in nutrients and flavors
  • Relatively lightweight at 1.6lbs
  • Convenient storage bag included as standard


  • Steam may escape around the seal if there is a defect


Overall, the CanCooker Inc JR-001 Junior is a true revolutionary cookware that promises to make outdoor activities fun and thrilling. It makes food fresh, and retains the natural flavor of food, without leaching any nutrients.

With this device, food comes out of the CanCooker tender and tasty. Also, using it is a breeze: load the cookware, transfer it to the heat source, and let contents cook for an hour or less.

The 2-gallon CanCooker Inc JR-001 Junior is equipped with all the features of the Original CanCooker, and whips up food for about 6 adults. Grab this item and make every meal preparation a social undertaking.

how to use a can cooker

How to use a Can Cooker

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use a CanCooker:

  1. Get your CanCooker ready for use. If your cookware is still new, make sure to wash it with soap and water before use.
  2. Choose your favorite can cooker recipes to cook.
  3. Prepare your ingredients for cooking.
  4. Put food and liquid in the CanCooker compartment in the following order: veggies, meat, liquid, sauce, and seasoning.
  5. Secure the lid and place the cookware on heat source, such as BBQ grill.
  6. Give a few minutes for steam to vent so as to generate a natural convection inside the cooking chamber.
  7. Let food cook as per the recipe time, which can take an average of 40 minutes.
  8. Once done (or after the recipe timer is complete), remove from the heat source using oven mitts.
  9. Allow the device to sit for 5-10 minutes, and then carefully flip open the lid. Beware of HOT steam.
  10. Transfer food to a large container or tray and enjoy it together with your 6 buddies.
  11. Clean the CanCooker using soap and water. Cleanup is easy because food rarely sticks or burns the cookware’s sides or bottom.

Can cooker recipes

The CanCooker Inc JR-001 Junior can cook a lot of awesome can cooker recipes. For instance, you can use it to cook such amazing recipes as CanCooker Jr. German Feast Recipe, CanCooker Omelets Recipe, CanCooker Bread Pudding Recipe, CanCooker Steamed Cakes Recipe, CanCooker Tamales Recipe, and so much more.

You need to get mini loaf pans that fit your CanCooker Jr. to be able to cook cakes and breads in it. The good thing is that everything you cook in it comes out really good.

The potatoes, for instance, won’t get too mushy but will remain tender and perfect. Try the CanCooker Inc JR-001 Junior yourself and you’ll know that nothing will ever come out dry or taste bland.

Final Thought

If you love to go camping, then the CanCooker Inc JR-001 Junior should be your go-to cooking device to take with you. This device is recommendable for outdoor enthusiasts who would wish to make their camp cooking easier and fan. What’s more, the CanCooker Inc JR-001 Junior is very affordable and retails at just under 100 bucks. Plus, it comes with a useful storage bag so you can take it with you wherever you go. Happy hunting or camping! Hope you enjoy the cancooker review.

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