Carbon Express Crossbow Reviews & Buying Guide 2023 [Ranked]

Carbon Express is renowned for manufacturing well-built Xbows, arrows and bolts that are aligned with the market demands. For the most part, Carbon Express crossbow reviews hail the CX crossbows for they all come with an anti-dry-fire technology as standard.

Therefore, in addition to being accurate and reliable, their Xbows enhance safety and service life. That being said, there are three CX crossbow models which always focus on supreme performance regardless of the weather conditions.

In our Carbon Express crossbow review, we will be exploring what these models have in store for the most avid hunters and target shooters out there. The supposed CX models include the Carbon Express Blade X-Force Crossbow, Carbon Express 20309 Blade Pro with Crank Package, and Carbon Express Covert SLS 4X32 Crossbow Package.

Without wasting more time, let’s see what each model has to offer.

Top 3 Carbon Express Crossbow Reviews

Carbon Express Blade X-Force Blade Crossbow: Product Description

The CX Blade X-Force crossbow is a complete package featuring the rope cocker, 4x32x40mm scope, 3 crossbow bolts, 3 practice points, 3 bolt quivers, and a rail lubricant. In terms of ease of handling, the Blade X-Force is 5% lighter than other units in the same price range.

carbon express crossbow review

Who Is It For?

Ideal for new Xbow hunters and seasoned shooters, the Blade X-Force projects bolts at 320 feet per second behind 86.3 pounds-feet of kinetic energy. Considering its affordable price tag, this is lightening fast, and beats most of its competitors hands down!

Scope & Accuracy

The Blade X-Force comes with a decent 4×32 scope featuring six reticle crosshairs which add a nice tough to the weapon. This factory installed scope bears a close resemblance to the one available on the Carbon Express Convert package, and will enhance the shooting for different conditions.

During our tests, we noticed the scopes are more accurate at shorter distances than longer ones, which is typical. Nonetheless, the bow itself exhibits unmatched accuracy at longer distances than other competitors on the market.

Draw Weight

This model has a 165-pound draw weight, and its length is customizable from 34.5 to 36.5 inches. For that reason, you can create your perfect fit and take down any average game with ease.

Stability & Sighting

The Blade X-Force boasts of an adjustable foregrip that locks in multiple positions. It enables you to create a perfect length for maximum stability and stress-free sighting. The butt-stock is equally adjustable, providing impeccable customizability and performance during operation.

Firing Mechanism

Another thing that makes this unit stand out is the firing mechanism, which is nearly silent. It does create little to no string vibration upon release, making it ideal for deer hunting.


For great durability, the Blade X-Force has a built-in aluminum rail which never warps even after repeated usage. Consequently, it ensures consistently great performance with extended usage life.


  • 5% lighter than other units in the same price range
  • Excellent scope with 6 reticle crosshairs
  • Drawing weight is manageable
  • Adjustable foregrip locks in multiple positions
  • Nearly silent firing mechanism
  • Extremely durable


  • Scope is more accurate at shorter distances than longer ones
  • Assembling instructions are unclear

Our Take

In a nutshell, the Carbon Express Blade X-Force oozes enough force to take down any game you want. It’s among the best bows for longer ranges at over 40 yards. Even so, we recommend practicing how to shoot the crossbow at these distances to improve your experience.

Carbon Express 20309 Blade Pro with Crank Package: Product Description

This is yet another excellent CX crossbow featuring lots of nitty-gritty details under its belt. The crank package is inclusive of a rope cocker, quiver, disruptive camouflage, 4×32 scope, 3 bolts field tips, lube and free crank cocking device.

how to assemble a carbon express crossbow

Who Is It For?

The CX 20309 Blade Pro is an adaptable fit for entry-level hunters who desire repeatable accuracy and heart-pounding speed. Being a compact model, it’s suitable for big game hunting from a blind or in close cover.


The 20309 Blade Pro is lightning fast, with the ability to throw arrows up to 350 FPS behind a whopping 142 ft.lbs of kinetic energy. The overall speed is geared toward bringing premium performance to entry-level Xbow hunters.


The 20309 Blade Pro has an adjustable tactical stock which facilitates optimum performance. You can customize your pull length from 14 inches to 16 inches for greater comfort and accuracy. The package also integrates the check rest for more advantage in the field.

Draw Weight

This Xbow has a draw weight of 175 pounds, which is considered manageable for most hunters. Moreover, it includes a quiet crank cocking winch, which cuts down draw weight by up to 90% while keeping game-spooking noise to the minimum.

Safety Mechanism

Carbon Express believes every hunter deserves not only the highest level of performance but also the best safety. The 20309 Blade Pro is equipped with the state-of-the-art, patented anti-dry-fire feature to ensure the unit can’t be fired without bolts in track. Also available is the easy-to-operate step-through foot stirrup which affords simple operation and improved safety.


The 20309 Blade Pro boasts a 4x32mm multi-reticle optic scope that helps in maintaining accurate shooting. The 4X magnification alongside elevation adjustments and precision windage also play a crucial role in improving accuracy. Additionally, the equal pressure on each Xbow limb takes the accuracy to a whole new level.


  • Ultra-compact stock design – ideal for big game hunting from blinds or tight quarters
  • Multi-position foregrip
  • Adjustable butt-stock for a custom fit
  • Includes cranking device for easy cocking
  • Aluminum rail for recurrent accuracy
  • Anti-dry-fire technology for safety


  • Bowstring easily breaks after a couple of tries – but waxing it after every 10 shots can help.
  • 175-pounds draw weight might not be manageable for some hunters – but there’s a quiet crank cocking winch that slashes draw weight by up to 90%.

Our Take

With amazing features like an ultra-comfy overmolded soft-grip handle, durable compression-molded limbs and an extruded aluminum rail for recurrent accuracy, the 20309 Blade Pro is sure to deliver the feel, power, and kill – all the time.

Its all-metal trigger and safety offer consistent performance, whilst the anti-dry-fire mechanism keeps mishaps at bay. Most importantly, this unit is safe for both right and left-handed shooters.

Carbon Express Crossbow Review – Covert SLS 4X32 Package

The CX new SLS series Xbow closes the gap existing between great affordability and true performance. It comes as standard with numerous attractive features, such as 3 practice points, rail lubricant, and 4×32 scope.

how to install cable slide on carbon express crossbow

Who Is It For?

If you want something more affordable – but still delivers great performance – then the Carbon Express Covert SLS is for you. It never breaks your bank, yet the package includes everything you need to start shooting right out of the box. Besides the included accessories, the package is solid and feels sturdy during use.


The unit weighs 8.3 lbs without accessories, and up to 10 lbs when fully loaded. Although it’s a little heavier than other models in this range, it won’t feel uncomfortable wile in use.


The size can make or break a crossbow when it comes to performance. The standard length for the Covert SLS is 32 inches. In terms of width, it’s rated at 13 inches when cocked and 17 inches uncocked. It has 24 inches axle-to-axle width, which is a classic compact size that never bothers you while you’re trekking through bushes.

Power & Speed

The Covert SLS unleashes bolts at 355 FPS, which is slightly above average. Its speed means that the prey won’t be able to escape even if it hears you firing. Its 119FP kinetic energy is about 20% higher than the competition.

For the record, 40FP of kinetic energy is enough to take down an average deer, which means this one can take down any beast thrown its way. As for the power stroke, the Covert SLS goes up to 13 inches.


The Covert SLS proves to be a durable weapon. It features a machined aluminum barrel, a machine aluminum riser, as well as machined aluminum cans. For this reason, it’ll neither warp or lose its bolt or screw holding capabilities with time. The Covert SLS also has carbon-infused limbs which are extremely durable and almost unbreakable.

Cocking & Aiming

It might seem challenging to cock the Covert SLS at first due to its 185 pounds of drawing weight. However, the package includes the rope cocking device, which cuts down drawing weight by up to 50%.

According to most carbon express crossbow review and multiple user feedbacks, aiming this Xbow is not a hassle. It comes with an exceptional 4x32mm scope, which is illuminated in either red or greed. And with the good rifle style, the Xbow rests squarely on your shoulder for effortless aiming.


  • Slim footprint for easy maneuvering
  • Incredible power for its size
  • Dependable precision even at long ranges
  • 4x32mm scope easily locks down on targets
  • Built-in vibration damper ensures quiet performance
  • Incredibly durable thanks to aluminum machined parts


  • At 8.3 lbs, it’s slightly heavier than other models in its category
  • Difficult to cock without the rope cocking device

Our Take

Overall, the Covert SLS is a cheaper and faster Xbow that never disappoints. It’s reliable and accurate enough to shoot and kill in a moment’s notice.

Although the trigger and scope are rather wonky, we can easily overlook them considering its price point. Besides, it comes with all the essential accessories to get you started right out of the gate.

How To Assemble A Carbon Express Crossbow

  1. Attach the cable slide properly to the power cables. Make sure to peel up the protective label from the cable slide prior to assembling the front end to stock.
  2. Apply a liberal amount of string/rail lubricant to the bowstring, cable slide and power cables. Saturate the strands by rubbing in with a small piece of leather.
  3. Position the cable slide with groove side facing up so it can slide properly into the cable slot of the barrel.

Pro Tip: Rotate the bow unit slightly to initiate the cable slide and power cables and to fix them down into the cable slot. As soon as it’s been initiated, rotate back the bow unit. You can start the cable slide off center and then to the center.

  • Slide the Xbow unit into position on the barrel, ensuring the cables and cable slide are affixed in the cable slot in the barrel. Make sure the bow string is resting on the upper surface of the barrel, while the cable slide is held tightly in the cable slot.

Pro Tip: To ease the assembling process, lift up the bowstring and away from the flight rail as you slide the bow unit assembly into position.  By so doing, you’ll discharge pressure applied by the bowstring, making it easier for bow unit assembly to slide effortlessly onto the barrel’s tip.

  • Fasten the bow unit using screws, flat washers and lock washers. We recommend securing the upper screws first then bottom ones using the wrench.
  • Flip the bow over to expose the bottom of the unit, and then place the foot stirrup in position such that the flats that are cut into the foot stirrup’s legs are also facing you.
  • Align the two limbs of the foot stirrup with parallel holes beneath the bow unit and secure them. Finally, insert the screws and tighten using the Allen wrench.

How To Install Cable Slide On Carbon Express Crossbow

The cable slide needs to be installed prior to attaching the bow assembly. To install cable slide, insert the upper cable into the deepest of the two notches. Then, insert the lower slide into the shallower notch located on the side of the cable.

When placed in this manner, the cable slide maintains a fairly level posture atop of the two cables. Before you can slide the cable into the flight track of the stock, lubricate the upper part of the cable slide. Remember, the upper section of the cable slide will be in contact with the flight track’s underside in the stock. Apply lubricant to the cables in that region too, and the slide the cable slide into position.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, our carbon express crossbow reviews have given you an in-depth insight into these three Xbow models from the Carbon Express. Your purchase decision is now easier to make than ever, because we’ve broken down all the details to simplify your decision-making. Grab one of these CX crossbow models and have fun shooting and hunting.

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