Carbon Express Piledriver Crossbow Review (2023 Update)

There’s only one way to finding true joy in hunting – having a steadfast crossbow that delivers comfort, speed and accuracy. To be honest, there’s no substitute for speed and accuracy as far as hunting is concerned. A good crossbow that doesn’t sacrifice on shootability is a worthwhile investment for anyone who’s looking to step up their long-life hunting skills.

It is for this reason that we’ve crafted this carbon express piledriver crossbow review. Carbon Express specializes in creating dependable crossbows that produce incredible speed and accuracy without compromising on performance. Today, we’re setting our eyes on the Carbon Express X-Force Piledriver 390 Badlands Camo with Crank Xbow Kit.

Carbon Express Piledriver Crossbow Review & Overview

Carbon Express Piledriver 390 Crossbow Reviews – Product Description

The PileDriver is best described as an entry-level crossbow with all the bells and whistles of its higher-end, modern crossbow equivalents. As the name PileDriver 390 implies, this crossbow unleashes bolts at a monstrous 390 feet per second.

It flaunts an adjustable buttstock as well as an adaptable foregrip, both of which are a welcome addition for every long-armed shooter. As the arrow exits the rail, dual string silencers coupled with string stops chip in to dampen the slap of the string and keep noise at minimum.

Designed to send arrows at 390 FPS downrange, the PileDriver is a sturdy crossbow that assures reliability, dependability, and unwavering accuracy. Its stock features an exclusive digital “desert snakeskin” camo pattern which blends into your hunting spot.

Other notable elements include: a 4x32mm scope, Anti-Dry-Fire technology, rail lubricant, quick-detach 3-arrow quiver, Quiet Crank Cocking Wench, 3 PileDriver 20-inch Crossbolts, 3 Practice Points, and so much more.

Who Should Get This?

Having graced the numerous carbon express piledriver reviews, the PileDriver 390 puts the Carbon Express’ extensive arrow flight knowledge in the limelight. If you’ve got the immense liking of the archery game, and you value a mish-mash of speed, power and durability, then the PileDriver 390 is exactly for you.

Built with stringent standards and dedication, this solid model is a darling for those who already own it. It comes with premium alloy cams, adjustable synthetic strings and cables, and the state-of-the-art performance compression-molded limbs designed to truly take your hunting wings to a new horizon.

Carbon Express Piledriver 390 Crossbow Review – Features & Benefits


Let’s start our carbon express piledriver 390 crossbow review benefits and features with its design, chiefly because it captured our eyes. The PileDriver 390 flaunts an extremely lightweight design, weighing in at around 7 lbs. This means carrying it around is easy-peasy.

Equally, it highlights a very slim and compact stock design, allowing you to store it even in confined spaces. A blend of black and camo shades facilitates easy blending into your surroundings.

Not only is the camo inconspicuous enough to conceal it from stray eyes, but it’s also elegant and stylish. Further upping the design is a completely furnished rail of aluminum material, which serves to prolong the usability and longevity of the PileDriver 390.

Speed & Accuracy

The PileDriver 390 is a crossbow powerhouse featuring a 4×32 deluxe scope for enhanced accuracy when aiming the target. Taking about immense accuracy and speed, the crossbow discharges bolts at a screaming 390 FPS when premium 400 grain arrows are used.

Honestly, this is far beyond other crossbows within the same price range. This PileDriver is powerful enough to wreak as much havoc to the delight of the shooter.

Additionally, each arrow is backed by 142 FP of kinetic energy, which means it guarantees to hit with mind-boggling precision at a distance of 142 feet-pound of the kinetic energy. Being able to deliver powerful and accurate shots makes this product an acceptable choice for beginners and seasoned hunters alike.


This crossbow has a fully adjustable stock and foregrip, which promotes custom fit for nearly every shooter. You can easily optimize the length of the pull between 14 and 16 inches with an integrated cheek rest.

Although the PileDriver 390 accommodates the 20-inch arrows, you can choose to use it with 22-inch ones without a problem. Carbon Express manufactures high-quality crossbow bolts that snugly fit this bow. So, you can securely use those ones if need be.

 It measures 14.5 inches when cocked and 18.5 inches when uncocked. Also, it flaunts a13.5-inch power stroke, which is narrow enough to work in a tree stand or behind a blind. The crossbow length is adjustable in the range of 35.5 to 37.5 inches, which is slightly longer than average.

Rail System

The PileDriver 390 has a modernized rail system made of aluminum material. This supports a wide range of accessory mounting, such as a crank rope cocker.  A 10-inch rail system facilitates the unit for a more secure operation.

Pull Weight Rating

The PileDriver 390 has a draw weight rating of 185 pounds. Like its weight, it might seem rather more than what most new hunters are aiming for, and might appear a little stout to all but the most seasoned of shooters. However, it isn’t hard to handle at all, thanks to a new (and FREE) Quiet Crank rope cocker.

A quiet crank cocking winch reduces weight by up to 90%, making it ideal for the younger, older and even handicapped shooters. Actually, everyone will find cocking this crossbow easy, whether you’re an expert or newbie.

Every shooter with basic hand dexterity will find it simple to shoot all day long with this unit. What’s more, no additional aid is needed to do the shooting.

Safety Features

Our carbon express piledriver 390 crossbow review can’t be complete without mentioning the safety features onboard. This product comes with a metallic trigger, which is geared toward the shooter’s safety.

For more enhanced safety, the anti-dry-fire mechanism is also inculcated within the unit. This is designed for safety enhancements by preventing any mishaps in the field of archery.

Even more, the manufacturer has engineered and designed this product with safety for all users in mind. That is, both right and left-handed shooters will be able to use it on an equal basis without any hitch.  


  • Over 5% lighter than competing products with a similar price range and appeal
  • Safe and comfortable for older people or kids
  • Very precise performance at 60 yards
  • 4×32 deluxe scope is fog proof, water resistant and shockproof
  • A quiet crank cocker minimizes cocking effort by around 90%
  • 20-inch long bolts offer sufficient performance
  • Ideal for varying outdoor weather conditions
  • Very budget-friendly


  • The included limbs are somewhat unsupportive
  • Assembling instructions are inaccurate making the assembly a hard task

How To Mount A Quiver On A Carbon Express Piledriver Crossbow

Mounting a larger quiver hood on the PileDriver 390 provides an extra space for broadheads. A double-gripper quiver better secures your arrows with no fletching contact required.

A quiver needs to be mounted parallel to the rail of the crossbow so the arrows cannot stick out past the crossbow’s limb tips. We prefer using the Bohning Top Mount Bracket, which is among the best quiver mounting products on the market.

This quiver mounting product attaches to the crossbow’s scope rail. To amount a quiver on a carbon express piledriver crossbow, you simply need a single thumb screw to secure the mount. Also, you need not to remove the scope.

Once you’ve attached the Top Mount, simply clip your quiver to it. And that’s it! You’re ready to go!

The quiver position should be above the crossbow and should be mounted back in the direction of the shooter. This way, you get a better balance to the crossbow.

Final Thought

Based on our carbon express piledriver crossbow review, this crossbow is gonna blow you away when it comes to its sheer power and speed capabilities. Recommended for new hunters and experts alike, the PileDriver 390 is relatively lightweight, narrow and easy to carry around or manage during operation.

With up to 390 FPS, it’s extremely fast and phenomenal, even beating the competition hands down. Its quiet crack cocking winch is designed to reduce draw weight by up to 90%. What’s more, it comes complete with a whole set of useful accessories that make gaming fun in spite of the conditions.

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  1. their is just one thing about the piledriver 390 i did a speed test the best was 335 it will not go 390 fps but it will kill a Deer thank you

  2. I have own my pile driver for 2 season now and have harvest 3 deer with it and it has performed awesome. very pleased with it.

  3. I have the piledriver
    Was impressed the first year with it. shoots very accurately. This year the second year with it the limbs have started to de-laminate. Tried to contact Carbon Express that was two weeks ago and have heard nothing from them. Not impressed at all with the customer service


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