CenterPoint Crossbow Reviews – In depth Review From An Expert’s Perspective

Built by Crosman, CenterPoint crossbows are innovative and quality archery products utilizing intelligent technology to provide the best possible performance. We’d like to cement other CenterPoint crossbow reviews by alluding to the fact that the CenterPoint Xbow models are accurate and effective projective weapons that never disappoint.

Since its debut in 1923, Crosman has manufactured more than a dozen Xbow models in their huge product lineup. Four of the leading Xbows from this company include: CenterPoint AXCS185CK Sniper 370 Crossbow, CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper AXCTW185CK Compound Crossbow, CenterPoint Specialist XL 370 Camo- Crossbow Package, and CenterPoint Tyro 4X Crossbow Camo Camouflage- Crossbow Package.

Our CenterPoint crossbow review seeks to explore each model individually, so you can decide whether it’s the best fit for you. Let’s get started.

Top 4 CenterPoint Crossbow Reviews & Comparison

CenterPoint AXCS185CK Sniper 370 Crossbow Package, Camouflage

The CenterPoint AXCS185CK Sniper 370 Crossbow is a high performance and fully customizable Xbow that befits any hunter on a budget. It’s extremely affordable, and features a CNC-machined rail for added durability.

Regarding power, this Xbow unleashes arrows at a fantastic 370 FPS and deals out around 130 FPKE. So, despite being a budget-friendly option, it never limits your shootability.

centerpoint crossbow review

The Sniper 370 provides a remarkable accuracy for shots taken inside of a 40-yard range. According to some hunters, the Sniper 370 can even hit bulls-eye at a 50-yard range.

It delivers power and accuracy, thanks to its quad limbs with precision-machined cams system. It also boasts a lightweight and compact design, since it’s made of a mish-mash of aluminum and composite, which makes it easy to maneuver in confined spaces in the field.

The bow is simple and comfortable to operate. It uses an adjustable butt-stock and foregrip, which means that users can choose their most convenient setup. When it comes to the quality of optics, this package entails an illuminated scope featuring crosshair and circular reticles in green and red.

Its calibration is set out to 40 yards, which makes sighting pretty easy. The model flaunts up to 5 levels of brightness, allowing you to enjoy hunting at whatever time of day.

As for safety, the Sniper 370 has a multilevel safety framework comprising of an anti-dry-fire mechanism. This prevents accidental firing when the device isn’t fully cocked. Also, you can safely operate its safety release with either hand.

For a quiet, vibration-free shot, the device integrates the string suppressors which significantly reduce noise output and improve accuracy. Even more, it boasts the rubber-coated foot stirrup, which also adds to noise suppression.

Overall, the Sniper 370 has almost all the bells and whistles that a majority of hunters could wish to have in a crossbow. It’s a well-built weapon that’s capable of taking down any legal game. To top it out, this Xbow is backed by a 5-year warranty for the original owner only.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Unleashes arrows at a fantastic 370 FPS
  • Delivers remarkable power and accuracy
  • String suppressors for vibration-free shot
  • Up to 5 levels of brightness


  • Excess trigger creep
  • Vague assembly instructions

CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper AXCTW185CK Compound Crossbow with 4×32 Scope, RCD

As the name suggests, this is a whisper quiet and well-thought out Xbow that performs as well as more expensive options on the market. It’s one of the cheapest silenced Xbows that packs a punch. The package is complete with a rope cocker, 4x32mm scope, quiver, and three 20-inch 425 grain carbon arrows – getting you equipped to take down targets with pinpoint precision.

what is minimum bolt weight for centerpoint crossbow

Talking of silent operation, this model has a whisper silencing system comprising two string stoppers with silencers, two spider silencers and two limb dampeners. The system provides top-quality noise and vibration diminution to ensure your target isn’t startled. Reducing the vibration not only improves your chances of hitting successful shots but also softens the internal damage to the Xbow, thus extending its life.

This hard-hitting Xbow is powered by CNC-machined cams and quad fiberglass limbs, facilitating the throwing of bolts up to 380 FPS behind 120 ft.lbs of kinetic energy. Concerning durability, the CenterPoint AXCTW185CK Tormentor Whisper 380 Compound Crossbow Package features all-weather composite stock with rubber padded grips.

These elements provide a comfy platform to shoulder your weapon. They’re also meant to enhance control in dry and wet conditions. When cocked, the crossbow is just about 14 inches wide, which means it’s narrow and compact enough to be used in tight places like blinds and stands. The quad limbs allow this unit to churn out more power in a compact blueprint.

As far as safety goes, this Xbow combines the anti-dry-fire mechanism with the auto-safety trigger system. This protects your Xbow and yourself against harm. At the same time, it guarantees the safest handling ever.

With a draw weight of only 185 pounds, the Tormentor Whisper is extremely easy to cock even for complete beginners. It also comes complete with integrated Picatinny rail that helps you mount the optics.

In a nutshell, if you’re shopping on a tight budget and desire a good silencing system, then this model is for you. It lets you take down big game with utmost accuracy, power and simplicity. At an entry crossbow price, the Tormenter Whisper has a lot of features and offers the best value for the money.

CenterPoint Crossbow Review – Specialist XL 370 Camo Package

Whether you’re a new bow user or a seasoned hunter looking to expand your horizons, it’s difficult to go wrong with the CenterPoint Specialist XL 370 Camo Xbow package. It has a rather slim build and lightweight design, making it a perfect choice to bring along on your hunting escapades.

In terms of strength and speed, this Xbow is swift and powerful, with the ability to eject bolts via the non-creep trigger at a staggering speed of 370 FPS. Its standard 185 pounds drawing weight is slightly above average, so you won’t have any problem handling this draw weight. This enhances comfort in the field.

what crank fits centerpoint crossbow

You’ll be able to draw it by hand using a cocking rope rather than a draw device. This cocking rope allows you to shorten it for more leverage if needed. The Xbow features an adjustable foregrip, rear stock and quiver. Plus, its rail guarantees a solid mounting for a comfortable hold.

The CenterPoint Specialist XL 370 features a CNC-machined cam system whose construction is durable and robust. This fast, stylish bow will never disappoint as far as quality goes.

Its bolts are made of polymer to provide a firm grip, while the bow itself is made of aluminum machined, which makes the entire assembly easy and comfortable to fit. With the scope that has excellent aim points, any beginner will find it easy to shoot.

The bow is designed to shoot with massive accuracy out to 40-50 yards. It also boasts a 4x32mm illuminated scope whose 5 brightness settings ensure maximum accuracy. You’ll be able to shoot the target from a distance without a miss.

To avoid alerting the target, the bow is equipped with noise suppressing string stops, making it perfect hunting weaponry. These noise suppressors minimize the noise and reduce the vibration.

As for safety, the CenterPoint Specialist XL 370 features multilevel and auto safety mechanism that ensures your safety. It combines an auto-safety trigger with anti-dry-fire to prevent accidental misfires when you’ve not cocked the bow.

Generally speaking, the 370 Camo is a lightweight, intense and high quality Xbow worth the money. Besides shooting with ultimate accuracy, it boasts a solid construction which makes it durable. What’s more, assembling it is a breeze and is a prudent option for every hunter.  


  • Slim build and lightweight design
  • Discharges bolts at a staggering 370 FPS
  • Multilevel safety framework
  • Noise suppressing string stops
  • Fast and accurate weaponry
  • Easy to assemble


  • Tactical stock seems fragile and insubstantial
  • Xbow front is bulky

CenterPoint Tyro 4X Crossbow Camo Camouflage- Crossbow Package

The CenterPoint Tyro 4X Crossbow is a true indication that a high-quality bow isn’t only exclusive to a premium price tag. Even while it’s a budget-friendly option, the Tyro 4X brings onboard everything you’d want to have for your first Xbow experience.

It has 5 pounds of weight, and is adjustable from 30.5 to 32.75 inches, making it one of the easiest Xbows to maneuver. It’s also simple to cock using the rope cocker, which means it’s a serious entry-level option for beginners.

centerpoint crossbow

In terms of performance, the Tyro 4X discharges arrows at 245 FPS, so it’s not as fast as other Xbows on the market. It’s also not a viable option for hunting large game. However, it has an excellent velocity for small to medium-sized game.

It also works pretty well for target practice, and is good for beginners who’re looking to train. The Xbow comprises 16-inch aluminum bolts which provide strong shots.

As a bonus, it includes a 4x32mm scope and a rope cocker designed to reduce the effort when cocking it. These handy extras play a significant role when you’re on the hunt.

Whereas the Tyro 4X is lightweight and compact, it’s equally powerful and durable. Thanks to a compression-molded fiberglass limb, it’s able to withstand potential damage occasioned by outdoor elements. Being a recurve bow, it’s less fragile compared to a compound bow, and will never suffer from significant damage.

This Xbow takes the user safety seriously. It features an auto-safety cocking mechanism which prevents accidental misfiring, keeping you from the harm’s way.

Additionally, the lightweight stock is very adjustable and you can customize the bow to your best fit on your shoulder. This enhances comfort during use. More importantly, the Tyro 4X comes as a complete kit, which includes the quiver, cocker and arrows.

You’ll never have to purchase these items separately. And so, the Tyro 4X remains an ideal choice for anyone who’s new to the world of archery.


  • Very budget-friendly
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Rope cocking device available as standard
  • Less fragile than a compound bow
  • Lightweight and fully adjustable stock
  • Comes as a complete kit


  • At 245FPS, it’s not as fast as other models on the market
  • Not ideal for hunting large game

What Is Minimum Bolt Weight For CenterPoint Crossbow

It’s worth noting that heavier broadheads or bolts improve kinetic energy and momentum in hunting situations. Increased kinetic energy down range translates to increased punch upon hitting the target.

The minimum bolt weight for CenterPoint Xbows should be 375-grain overall weight. Most CenterPoint crossbows feature 375-grain carbon bolts, whereby the bolt weighs 275 gr. for the carbon shaft and 100 gr. for the field points. To increase momentum and kinetic energy, we recommend upgrading to heavier bolts.

You can purchase 20” carbon bolts from Crossman (who owns CenterPoint) and benefit from 425 gr. instead of 375 gr. These are heavier bolts that’ll enhance your shooting experience. As a rule of thumb, avoid opting for less than what is recommended by the manufacturer.

What Crank Fits CenterPoint Crossbow

Xbow cocking device is considered a necessity, because it makes it easier to cock your gadget and reduces the pain of shooting. Often, the crank is part and parcel of the Xbow equipment which comes as a package. However, sometimes you may have to buy it separately.

The CenterPoint Power Draw Crossbow Crank is regarded as the best crank that fits most CenterPoint Xbows. This crossbow crank reduces draw weight cocking effort by up to 70%.

This crank flaunts the ambidextrous design, which makes it pretty simple for everyone to operate. It also boasts a unique mounting system that facilitates easy “in the field” on/off.

Final Thought

Up to this point, we hope that our resourceful CenterPoint crossbow reviews have been of help in guiding you toward picking the best crossbow for the money. As you’re probably aware, budget-friendly Xbows can be a hit or a miss in terms of performance.

However, the three models we’ve herein reviewed provide great shots for hunting all types of game. These products are lightweight and comfortable to use, and will certainly give you a memorable hunting experience all-year round.

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