Muzzy Broadheads Reviews – Best Buying Guide in 2023

Muzzy Broadheads Reviews: A good broadhead is usually strong and reliable enough. That is why you should choose wisely when you want to upgrade your hunting arsenal. If you want to get a good broadhead for your hunting purposes, then you should consider getting a Muzzy broadhead. How reliable are these broadheads, should you get one for your hunting needs?

Best Muzzy Broadheads Review & Comparison

We selected 5 of the best Muzzy broadheads, and we will be reviewing 5 of their best units. Here is a review to help you determine the reliability of the broadheads.

Top 5 Best Muzzy Broadheads Reviews

1. Muzzy 225 3-Blade Bowhunting Broadhead 

We kick it off with this Muzzy 225, which has proven to be among the best broadheads out there. This baby comes with an incredible bone-crushing penetration. Thanks to the hardened steel Trocar tip, this broadhead will easily dig into the flesh of the game and bring them down within your sight.

Plus, the hardened steel Trocar tip promotes flight stability. This one comes with 3 blades that help to boost the damage inflicted in the flesh of the animal. We have to acknowledge the .020-inch blades with a cutting diameter of 1.19 inches. Furthermore, it has an anodized aluminum ferrule that assures you of shooting accuracy.

Muzzy 225 3-Blade Bowhunting Broadhead

The blades are also made of vented stainless steel to deliver excellent cut on impact. Plus, this one comes with a hollow-ground design that assures you of exceptional penetration.


  • It comes in a pack of 6
  • Three blades onboard deliver serious damage
  • 1.19-inch cutting diameter
  • Anodized aluminum ferrule
  • Easy to assemble
  • Hollow-ground design enhances penetration


  • Some people prefer mechanical blades, while this is a fixed-blade broadhead

2. Muzzy Trocar 3 Pack 100-Grain Broadhead

The Muzzy Trocar is another top-rated broadhead you should consider including in your hunting gear arsenal. One thing that might not be satisfactory to you is the fact that the broadhead is only designed to be used with a crossbow.

It comes with either 100 or 125-grain weight. This way, you can be sure of having a reliable broadhead to use for elk hunting. Besides that, this baby is made with unmatched accuracy and toughness. When it comes to leaving damage on the game, this one does it elegantly.

Muzzy Trocar 3 Pack 100-Grain Broadhead

The strong steel ferrule comes with helix blades of .035-inches, which assures you of force when piercing through the flesh of the prey. You can enjoy a cutting diameter of 1.19-inches, which should be enough to leave damage in the game and promote blood flow.

Even when you are hunting down a big game, this beast won’t disappoint. It comes with excellent fixed blade design. This means that the broadhead will perform decently even over long distances. If you are hunting the North American type of big game, this broadhead promises to satisfy your hunting needs.


  • Performs decently over long-range shots
  • 100gr weight offers excellent elk hunting opportunities
  • 1.19-inch cutting diameter
  • Leaves large wounds in the game
  • Helical blade promotes better blood flow when you hit the game


  • Limited only to crossbows

3. Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar Tip, 75/100/125 Grain Broadhead 

One thing you’ll love about this broadhead is the fact that it has been designed for maximum speed, maximum cut, and maximum strength as well. In other words, this is a broadhead that will assure you of excellent hunting experience. You won’t fail to make a kill when you take a shot with this baby.

It is one of those broadheads that come with a chisel tip. With this design, you can be sure of achieving bone-crushing penetration. This one comes with a compact design, which features a .025-inch blade thickness. But it does have a 1.25-inch cutting diameter to assure you of serious damage to the game. As soon as you hit the game with this broadhead, be sure of it dying within your sight.

Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar Tip, 75/100/125 Grain Broadhead

So yes, this baby is tough and very much reliable. By the way, the blades on this broadhead are surgically sharp. We loved how the blades interlock in aluminum ferrule for better stability.

Also, you will have an easy time replacing the blades on this broadhead. Plus, the blades are easy to sharpen. Oh, and it comes with a hollow-ground Tocar tip that boasts of the bad to the bone reputation.


  • Comes with a hardened steel TroCar tip that leaves serious damage
  • Compact design with a 1.25-inch cutting diameter
  • Surgically-sharp blades
  • Easy to sharp and replace blades
  • The blades interlock in aluminum ferrule for extra stability


  • It requires some tuning

4. Muzzy 209-MX4 Broadhead

Here goes another family member of the Muzzy broadheads. Like the previous product, this one is also designed for maximum strength, cut, and speed. The one-shot design is enough to travel at top speeds and deliver serious damage to the prey.

Muzzy 209-MX4 Broadhead

First off, this one comes in a pack of three, so you will have plenty of them to serve you accordingly. The broadhead belongs to the MX series, and it comes with a shorter profile. With this one, you get .025-inch blades that deliver a cutting diameter of 1.125 inches. Thanks to these stats, the broadhead will fly truer and faster hence delivering an advanced killing power once it hits the target.

This one comes with high-grade aircraft aluminum ferrule, where the blades interlock to make them strong enough. Besides that, their razor-sharp blades are durable enough to pierce right into the flesh of the prey.


  • Designed to deliver optimal cut with maximum strength and at a top speed
  • TroCar tip offers excellent penetration
  • Excellent quality
  • Razor-sharp blades
  • High-grade aircraft aluminum ferrule


  • Tuning it is challenging

5. Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid Broadhead

Are you the type of hunter that never gets enough of both the fixed-blade and mechanical broadhead, here is a match made in Heaven for yah. This is a hybrid broadhead that combines the features of a mechanical broadhead and a fixed-blade broadhead.

Two rear-deploying blades are super powerful and generally dependable. The broadhead comes with aerodynamic aspects, which include offset fixed blades that measure .035-inches. This one features four blades, which will deliver a cutting diameter of 1-inch.

Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid Broadhead

But what makes it extra unique is the fact that it comes with an expandable cutting diameter of 1.625 inches. So yes, this one would suit your needs accordingly. The hardened steel TroCar tip assures you of superior penetration, along with a strong steel ferrule. In other words, this means that the blades or broadhead itself won’t deflect or deform when it hits the bone of the animal.

In total, this unit has a cutting diameter of 2.625 inches. No animal will remain standing when this baby hits them.


  • It’s a hybrid broadhead; combines fixed-blade and mechanical features
  • Larger cutting diameter
  • Bone-shuttering tip
  • Aerodynamic features
  • Tension released is expandable even without any rubber
  • Hardened steel TroCar tip enhances penetration
  • Strong steel blade remains strong even when striking bone


  • Setting it up is challenging for a beginner

How to Install Muzzy Broadheads

As usual, I usually advise people that go out to hunt to follow the assembly instruction of the specific broadhead they have purchased. In other words, the best way to install a Muzzy broadhead is to follow the instructions provided.

However, I usually prefer screwing in the ferrule to the arrow shaft first. After that, I hold the arrow and install the blades accordingly. Make sure you place the blade facing away from you to avoid any unnecessary accidents. Always start by putting on one blade after the other. After sliding the blades into position when facing up, you can then put on the tip. Make sure you screw in the tip tightly while at it.

How to Sharpen Muzzy Broadheads

Sharpening the broadhead blades needs extra safety precaution. If you are not careful enough, you might end up injuring yourself.

When sharpening the blades, you can use some butchers steels to keep them razor-sharp. All you need to do is take the blade out of the ferrule and sharpen each of them separately. By the way, getting it done is easy if you sharpen them individually.

You can start with a diamond steel, then finalize the sharpening with slick steel. Always make sure you handle them with care when sharpening to avoid any accidental cuts. Safety precautions must be observed at all times whenever you are installing or sharpening the blades. But that’s a topic for another day.

How to Assemble Muzzy 3 Blade Broadheads

Assembling a Muzzy 3-Blade broadhead is easy. Just make sure you follow the instructions as needed. Start by setting the three blades and on a table. From there, take the ferrule and hold it by the threads that come with the broadhead. This allows you to rotate it easily while sliding the blades in position.

After that, push in one blade half-way down with the bend pointing upward. You can then spin the ferrule anticlockwise into your fingers. Do this until the blade points down and out of the opposite side. After that, you can slide the other blades one by one like you did the first one. Just don’t push the blade with the finger if it stops. Alternatively, you can use a piece of wood to push it in. Suppose the blade still won’t move, check for any obstruction.

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