Ozonics HR 300 Reviews: Keeping You Discreet In the Woods

It is more than essential to pay a great deal of attention to your scent while hunting in the wild. The truth is, killing the game animals like whitetail bucks and deer can be an uphill task because these animals have a good sense of smell. Let’s go for Ozonics HR 300 Reviews.

If you get into close proximity to the deer without any form of scent control strategy, it picks up your scent and escapes in a moment’s notice. All is not lost, though.

Experienced deer hunters utilize a wide range of products to cushion them from being detected by the game’s acute olfactory sense. One of the most widely accepted scent elimination technologies is the use of Ozonics, and this is where this ozonics hr 300 review comes into the equation.

Ozonics HR 300 Reviews And Overview

Ozonics HR-300 Scent Elimination System (1 pack): How Does It Work?

Ozonics HR-300 Scent Elimination system is a new technology that destroys bacteria and odors using the power of ozone, helping to eradicate unwanted smells during hunting.

This ozone-based technology works by disrupting molecules through either electricity or UV light, breaking down oxygen molecules into solitary atoms. Once broken down, the resulting single atoms then bond to another oxygen molecule to form unstable bonds.

This forces the extra oxygen atom to join another nearby free molecule and form an entirely different chemical makeup. This chemical process transforms the scent molecule and eliminates it all together.

In non-scientific terms, Ozonics HR-300 is responsible for changing the chemical composition of scent molecules and making them virtually odorless. Thanks to this scent elimination system, you can hunt comfortably without alarming the wildlife.

Ozonics HR-300 Scent Elimination System (1 pack): Features That I Like

EZ Mount Technology For Silent & Quick Mounting

The Ozonics HR-300, I dare say, is the most effective scent-destroying ozone that cushions your scent zone to avoid scaring away the game. Unlike the older version, this one integrates an EZ Mount technology to guarantee a fast and silent mounting.

Naysayers may say the humming noise of the fan can scare the game – wrong! The new HR300 has been silenced further to keep the fan’s humming sound to the lowest.

Up To 45% Ozone Output

Ozonics has been working round the clock to introduce a handful of new and improved features to guarantee that you’ll never get detected in the woods.

The advanced HR300 has been designed to deliver up to 45% more ozone output that the HR200. And yes, these ozone levels have been confirmed to be in line with OSHA standards.

Ozonics HR-300 Scent Elimination System

Lightweight & Compact with Intuitive Functions

The light weight and compact silhouette of this product is definitely impressive. Plus, the HR300 embraces simplicity, with intuitive and easy-to-understand functions that are simple to use even when wearing gloves in the dark.

To power up the unit, simply press the circular On/Off button and the system will automatically kick into Standard Ozone mode.

You can always switch from Standard mode to Boost mode using the oval Mode button located at the interface. The Boost mode is useful in those moments when you need more Ozone output in order to fly unnoticed under the olfactory radar.

More-Than-Advertised Battery Life

According to Ozonics, the unit’s single Li-ion smart battery delivers five hours of continuous runtime in Standard mode and four hours in Boost mode.

During my testing, however, the system recorded an average run time of six hours in Standard mode and slightly less than five hours in Boost mode. Well, I know that temperature may have an impact on battery life.

During my first testing on Standard mode, the temperature range varied between 32˚F and 53˚F. And during my second testing on the same mode, there was a temperature variation of between 38˚F and 56˚F.

I conducted my first Boost mode test for the HR300 when there was a temperature range of between 49˚F and 68˚F.

In my second Boost mode test, the temperature variation was between 36˚F and 58˚F. From these tests, it is evident that the HR300’s battery life is way longer than what Team Ozonics has advertised.

Advanced Smart Charger

An advanced smart charger is partially responsible for this longer-than-usual runtime. The product’s newly designed Smart Charger has been engineered to retain the battery power for extended periods, thus improving the durability of the Smart Battery.

With the HR-300, it’s easy to monitor the remaining effective charge on the go. The green battery indicator light shows you the effective charge remaining.

Pulse Technology & KiNETiC Backpack

Another awesome feature of the HR-300 is the Pulse Technology, whose function is to balance time and oxidant concentration. HR-300 designers deserve honor and praise for this. Yeah, you heard me right! I mean, this technology helps deploy the proper amount of ozone without you controlling it. Amazing, huh!

I thought that’s all the Ozonics HR-300 got to offer…boy I was wrong again! I was excited to learn that the unit comes as standard with the new KiNETiC backpack.

This is a purpose-built backpack whose shoulder straps feature a dedicated upper section for carrying the Ozonics HR-300 in the proper position for spot-and-stalk hunting.

The upper pack is compatible with your favorite pack. You can as well pair it with the detachable bottom pack section containing 1,300 inches of storage, compression straps, and side pockets. The KiNETiC backpack is well thought-out, with a cohesive design for carrying things like bulky clothing and camera tripods.

What’s more, the new Ozonics HR-300 comes complete with the exceptional DRiWASH Bag. This integrated hanging system is not only heavy-duty but also capable of folding flat for easy storage and transportation.


  • Very lightweight with compact design
  • Intuitive functions with sizeable buttons that are easy to use
  • Up to six hours run time in Standard mode and five hours Boost mode
  • Extremely silent and noise-free
  • Uses Pulse Technology to automatically regulate ozone concentration
  • Has a well thought-out KiNETiC backpack
  • Includes the unique DRiWASH bag


  • Battery life can be limiting depending on your hunting hours (especially in Boost mode)
  • Fans are whisper quiet but appear cheaply made. They may need to be replaced sooner rather than later

Final Remarks

The Ozonics HR-300 delivers ozone quickly and accurately where you need it the most – on your garments and gear. Its improved interface has lighted buttons that are easy to use even with gloves on.

Its new Pulse Technology proves handy in keeping a proper balance between time and oxidant concentration levels. This pulse mode makes it easy to “wash” your scent-contaminated equipment effectively, allowing you to blend the ozone concentration and time required at optimal mix. The Ozonics HR-300 is quieter than most other scent-eliminating options out there. You can expect to remain discreet throughout your hunting. I hope this Ozonics HR-300 review has helped you learn what you need to know about this scent-elimination system.

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