PSE Fang Crossbow Review & Buying Guide (2023 Update)

Looking for a lightning fast, versatile and powerful crossbow that provides the ultimate balance of performance and affordability? It’s hard to go wrong with the PSE Fang Series Compound Crossbow with Scope and Arrows, 2018 New and Improved Trigger! LT and XT.

In our PSE Fang crossbow review, we seek to debunk everything there’s to know about this economy crossbow, which offers great value for the money. Let’s get started with our PSE Fang LT crossbow reviews, shall we?

PSE Fang Crossbow Reviews & Overview

PSE Fang Series Compound Crossbow: Who Should Guy This?

We highly endorse this Xbow for younger or female shooters who need an easy-to-operate, light and fast crossbow that doesn’t shrimp on performance. It’s also a worthwhile purchase for big, burly hunters who value power, performance, and effortless shootability in a crossbow.

Of course, we don’t claim it to be the flashiest bow on the market. But for the price ($299), there’s little argument this Xbow supplies more than enough power for hunting in the woods.

This top-notch, eagle-eye accurate and hard-hitting crossbow rig provides a successful hunting harvest all-year round. It comes complete with everything you’d wish to have to get started, including a rope cocker, a quiver, a multi-reticle scope and three crossbow bolts.

This useful hunting tool calls for minimal assembly. As a matter of fact, you can almost shoot this crossbow package right off the bat.

PSE Fang Crossbow Review

PSE Fang It Crossbow Reviews & Key Features

  • Velocity

In terms of shooting speed, the PSE Fang LT sends bolts up to 350 feet per second behind 109 pounds-feet of kinetic energy. A bow that shoots at least 330 FPS is recommended for first-time Xbow users, because it avoids the need to make such close-range shots.

This Xbow slings bolts with a tremendous force in spite of its miniature dimensions. We used a 400-grain test projectile and got speeds between 335 FPS and 345 FPS, translating to between 99ft.lbs and 105ft.lbs of force.

For a crossbow in this price range, this is quite a wallop and can take down larger game like black bear, elk and North American whitetail. Even if you adjust the velocity, the PSE Fang LT will still go into the mid-90 foot pounds of kinetic energy at a typical 130-yard distance.

  • Weight

The overall weight of an entry-level crossbow plays a crucial role when evaluating its easiness of use. Weighing in at only 6.25 lbs, the PSE Fang 350 XT is lighter than most Xbows, and is easy to handle and maneuver even by a beginner.

Any Xbow that weighs less than 7 lbs is simple to carry in the woods for longer periods of time, which is why the Fang 350 LT is a great option for hunting. On the other hand, heavier models beyond 7 pounds take time to cock or shoot, and might ruin your mechanics.

For beginners, a lighter model is the best because it accelerates learning how to cock and shoot a crossbow. You can always upgrade to a heavier Xbow once you’ve learned and mastered how to use a crossbow, including how to hold, carry, cock, aim and shoot.

pse fang lt crossbow reviews
  • Draw Weight

The PSE Fang 350 LT has a draw weight of 155 pounds, which is considered an easy to manage draw weight for users of all sizes. Remember, anything with a draw weight of less than 172 pounds is good for beginner Xbow hunters.

With a 155-pound draw weight, cocking the Fang is a walk in the park. Furthermore, the package includes a cocking rope, which reduces the felt draw weight significantly.

For women and young shooters lacking in upper body strength, the PSE Fang works with the Parker Sidewinder crank without any special alterations. You can always employ it if you don’t have a lot of strength.

  • Cocking

Cocking the PSE Fang 350 LT is easy peasy, thanks to the included cocking rope. Basically, this cocking rope cuts down draw weight in half for effortless cocking.

The rope brings down the felt draw weight to approximately 75 pounds or so. Therefore, ladies and kiddos out there will find it doable with minimal exertion.

When cocking the Fang Xbow, the safety must be in “fire” position. The string will shift to the “safe” position as it passes through the safety area, thus engaging the anti-dry-fire mechanism.  

  • Optics Quality

PSE decided to cut corners in terms of quality of optics. This ready-to-shoot package features a 4×32 MR scope, which has a relatively constricted field of view and thin crosshairs that make it daunting to see in low light conditions.

This optic might be ideal for beginners or people who often do their shooting on the range. However, it might not be suitable for hunting, and we recommend upgrading to the Hawke 3×32 MAP scope.

This scope entails all the basic features you’d desire for in the field, and comes at a price point that won’t break your bank. Given the affordable price tag, we can easily overlook the Fang’s optics, because this model is meant for users who spend most of their time at the range.

how to assemble pse fang crossbow
  • Noise Suppression

Like most PSE Fang LT crossbow reviews have pointed out, this Xbow isn’t exactly whisper quiet. However, it’s much quieter compared to most Xbow models out there.

It comes installed with the integrated stops that limit vibration and minimize noise output. Worth noting, the strings stops are often reserved for more expensive Xbow models.

We recommend adding some aftermarket suppressors to further minimize the odds of the big buck “jumping the string”. The aftermarket suppressors significantly minimize the startle response causing deer to instantly drop on hearing the sound of a string.


  • Fast and easy to maneuver
  • Weighs only 6.25 lbs, thus easy to handle for extended periods
  • 20-inch axle-to-axle uncocked length is ideal for confined spaces like ground limbs and treestands
  • Easy to cock and hard-hitting
  • Fires bolts up to 350 FPS
  • Anti-dry fire mechanism for safety
  • Includes a cocking rope
  • Comes as a complete kit


  • Scope needs improvement
  • Bolts could be better

How To Assemble PSE Fang Crossbow

  1. Append cable slide to the cables with the concave side facing up and the cables in the grooves.
  2. Remove cover from the adhesive side of the Prod or Stock connection pad and connect it to the Prod section of the joint. Slip the Prod or Stock connection guard onto the prod. 
  3. Insert the cable slide and cables into the slot on the stock’s front to connect the prod and the stock. (Make sure the concave side is facing upward to complement the contour on the inner part of the barrel).
  4. Press the cables into the track and position the prod for connection to the stock. Use the provided prod bolt and hex key.
  5. Tighten the prod bolt so it becomes flush with the stock.
  6. Lock in prod bolt by installing and tightening the center set screw. Slot the foot stirrup into the two holes on the prod’s front section. Ensure the two grooves in the foot stirrup are facing the set screws that secure the stirrup.  
  7. Finally, fasten set foot stirrup screws.

How To Decock A PSE Fang Crossbow

The most common method of decocking a PSE Fang Xbow is using a discharge target. A discharge target is a small, portable archery target containing a thick material that stops a crossbow bolt at a close range.

It’s designed for shooting close up without allowing the bolt to go past the target. After hunting, simple replace the hunting bolt with another bolt featuring a field point.

Set your discharge target on the ground then shoot your field point into your target. Overall, discharge targets aren’t complex to use.

You simply need to have a secure place for firing your bolt in order to discharge the Xbow. Discharge targets are intended to release field points with ease.

Final Thought

As well conclude our PSE Fang crossbow review, we can say the PSE Fang 350 LT is a cool, best performing crossbow that never disappoints.  Being able to project arrows at 350 FPS behind some respectable kinetic energy makes it great for hunting any game in North America.

It’s lightweight, fairly compact, and effortless to assemble. We recommend this Xbow for anyone planning on buying their first crossbow.

For its price, it packs a punch, and includes most of the bells and whistles of its higher-priced equivalents. Although the scope and bolts need some improvement, this crossbow has a nice quality in general. Despite a few drawbacks, the PSE Fang 350 LT remains our favorite Xbow for beginners.  

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