5 Best RamCat Broadhead Reviews in 2023 – Buying Guide [Ranked]

RamCat Broadhead Reviews: RAMCAT is one of the leading broadhead brands you should consider getting. One thing that makes RAMCAT broadheads top-notch is the fact that they are designed for accuracy. There are many other reasons for getting these broadheads, and we will cover a few in this article.

We will also share with you the top 5 Ram Cat broadhead reviews to help you choose wisely. The brand lives up to its name; RAM-CAT. It will hit like a Ram and cut like a Cat. In other words, these broadheads will perfectly dig into the animal with force and precision. You can be sure of bringing an animal down with one of these broadheads. The penetration is one of a kind, and that is why you should get one of them.

RamCat Broadhead Review And Overview

Top 5 RamCat Broadhead Reviews

To help you further, here is a look at the 5 best Ram Cat broadhead reviews;

1. Ramcat Hydro shock Pivoting Broadheads

We kick off our list with this broadhead that comes with excellent sharpness and satisfying penetration. The broadhead pivots accordingly to allow the arrow to drive deep upon impact. The best part is that the broadhead will dig deep into the animal even when it comes in contact with bone.

It comes with a back cut technology that assures you of better results when hunting. This broadhead features stainless steel blades that are rear-sharpened and measure .032 inches. The broadhead will flight silent in the air. Even when there is a no pass-through, this beast will deliver maximum devastation on both rear and front blades.

Ramcat Hydroshock Pivoting Broadheads

The airfoil aerodynamics on this broadhead allows it to enhance the penetration and devastation. There are deep lobes on the tip, which offer an airfoil that will get rid of the wind planning. As a result, you will enjoy field point accuracy and excellent flight.

We loved the blade over shaft technology with this one. What does this mean? Well, the blades are cantilevered over the shaft of the arrow and offset in the body of the broadhead. This will then offer excellent vortex cut along with perfect aerodynamics.

Best of all, these broadheads meet the regulations for all the states in America. The field point accuracy is top-notch too. Lastly, the broadhead comes in a pack of three.


  • Excellent accuracy
  • Flies quietly in the air
  • Incredible field point accuracy
  • Comes in a pack of three
  • Back-cut technology delivers maximum penetrating damage


  • They only fit in a quiver in one position

2. Ramcat 3-Blades Crossbow Broadhead

This Ramcat crossbow can also be a good pick for you if you are looking for a reliable unit for bringing down small to medium games. It might not be the perfect pick for large animals that have a thick hide. But still, the broadhead can serve you well if you are hunting the regular size animals.

It comes with a special level of accuracy that makes it a top pick. The penetration of this broadhead is also one of a kind. If you are used to mechanical blades, you might not enjoy working with these. This broadhead comes with fixed blades, which enhance the penetration.

Ramcat Crossbow Broadhead

The broadhead is made with aircraft technology to fly quietly and maintain accuracy while in the air. While most fixed blades don’t fly like a file point when they are shot, this broadhead defies the odds. It will perfectly fly like a field point, hence assuring you of total devastation upon contact.

No need for the blades to open up upon impact because they are already ‘open’. The broadhead comes with a patented airfoil system that offers field point accuracy, along with Firenock Aero Concentric Technology. This technology will prevent any occurrence of a thread slip. Another technology used with this broadhead is Back-Cut technology. Both the front and rear sharpened blades will deliver serious damage when penetrating the flesh of the prey.


  • Incredible penetration
  • Firenock Aero Concentric Technology prevents a thread slip
  • Aircraft technology enhances the accuracy
  • Flies exactly like a field point
  • Promotes blood flow


  • Not the best pick for large animals with thick hide

3. Ramcat Deep Six 100-Gr Broadheads

This broadhead is another great piece to choose if you need a reliable Ramcat broadhead. The broadhead comes with a cutting tip that delivers an airflow. With this, it will draft the wind over the blades and prevent wind planning.

By the way, this broadhead is made of a one-piece stainless steel body construction. Thanks to this design, the broadhead can easily fly in the air and maintain its path and accuracy. Furthermore, this broadhead is strong enough to not only penetrate the flesh but also able to split bone.

Ramcat 100 Grain Deep Six Broadheads

The broadhead has field point accuracy and it will fly quietly in the air. This means that it will not make noise to scare away the animal. Upon impact, this baby will surely leave a serious wound in the prey. In turn, this will promote blood flow for the animal to die in your sight.

It comes with Deep Six inserts that are field-proven thread to fit in 4mm and 5mm arrows. Unfortunately, the broadhead will not work with standard threads on aluminum arrows or other conventional carbon shafts.

You get three pieces of broadheads when you purchase this unit.


  • Features concave scoop technology that offers field point accuracy
  • Back-cut technology comes with front and rear sharpened blades
  • Maintains accuracy when in flight
  • It flies quietly in the air
  • Stainless steel construction to penetrate and split bone
  • Super sharp


  • It only works with arrows that have deep-six inserts

4. Ram Cat Broadhead Reviews – Original Fixed Blades 

If you are the type of hunter that prefers using replaceable blades on broadheads, this one should be the perfect pick for you. This would be the right choice for the hunter that does a lot of shooting.

For the record, these are not exactly broadheads but rather blades to use on a broadhead. They are 100-grain replacement blades that would work perfectly for you. When you purchase this product, you get 9 blades. The blades are made of one-piece stainless steel body construction, which enhances the penetration and damage caused.

Ramcat Original 3-Blade Fixed Blade Broadhead Replacement Blade Stainless Steel Pack of 9

Furthermore, you get two O-rings, and four screws to get you started. These blades are compatible with 1 3/8 inch diameter broadheads. Plus, you can also use them with any RamCat crossbow or any Deep Six models. This feature makes them extra versatile and perfect for including in your hunting arsenal.

We can testify that these blades are super accurate and deliver the deepest penetration for a fixed blade. Keep in mind that they are blades that will need to be installed on the broadhead. But worry not because these blades are very easy to install. You will be ready to shoot at those animals in a matter of minutes.  


  • One-piece stainless steel body
  • Comes in 9 pieces
  • Stainless steel tip enhances penetration
  • Bone-splitting design
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to install and use


  • The blades can loosen up in the quiver

5. Ramcat Diamondback Fixed Blade Broadheads

Our last product on the list is this broadhead, which comes with fixed blades. The design of this broadhead is enough to deliver serious damage to the prey. It features back-cut blades that can easily penetrate the flesh and promote blood flow.

The back-cut blades are .032 inches, they are rear sharpened, and made of stainless steel. Thanks to that, the broadhead can leave a cutting diameter of 1.06-inch cutting diameter. Furthermore, this one comes with Blade Over Shaft technology. This means that the blades are cantilevered over the shaft of the arrow and offset in the body of the broadhead.

Ramcat Diamondback Fixed Blade Broadheads

That is why this broadhead is capable of delivering a powerful vortex cut, along with some serious aerodynamics. You should also know that the broadhead is designed to fly exactly like a field point. This will happen even in high-speed bows and crossbows.

Wherever you want to use this broadhead, nothing can stop you. The reason for this is that the broadhead is legal to use in any state around America. You will never find yourself in the wrong arms of the law if you are using this broadhead.

You also get three pieces when you purchase this unit.


  • It is made of stainless steel
  • Promotes blood flow
  • Back-cut technology to boost bone-splitting
  • Flies quietly in the air
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Legal to use anywhere in the US


  • They don’t perform very well beyond 20 yards

So, now you know the best RamCat broadheads to go for. When choosing a broadhead, make sure you consider all the underlying factors. Generally, you must consider the construction of the broadhead to determine if it will be durable enough or not. You also should decide if you want fixed or mechanical broadheads. Fixed broadheads remain in position even when flying and during penetration. But mechanical broadheads will remain closed and open when they hit the target.

Don’t forget to choose a broadhead with a decent cutting diameter if you want to leave serious damage in the animal. It’s also wise to consider the ease of use and reliability of the broadhead in every possible aspect. Above all, check out other RamCat broadhead reviews to be sure of picking the right piece.

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