What Is The Recommended Method For Attaching A Haul Line To A Firearm?

Insurmountable cases of gun accidents have been recorded due to failure of firearm holders to observe safety measures, especially when hauling their firearm into a tree stand.

Gun holders are encouraged to observe safety measures at all times when handling guns. Such safety measures include how you handle your gun when you are on or off the ground.

As a gun holder, you need to keep in mind that guns were made to kill, and so you must treat these weapons with caution. Being a lethal weapon, a gun can kill in an instant if taken for granted.

Hauling a Firearm into a Tree Stand

You may have decided to climb on a tree-stand or you may have forgotten your tools on the ground when you climbed on a tree-stand. Either way, the safest method to use to fetch the tools from the surface is by use of a haul line.

But, what is a haul line?

Well, a haul line is a cord that is used to trap tools and move them up a tree-stand.

 The following can serve as your haul line.

  • A heavy cord
  • A strap
  • A commercialized  haul line

I believe you now know what a haul line is, so what is the recommended method for attaching a haul line to a firearm?

Recommended Method for Attaching a Haul Line to a Firearm

Before we look at the method, it is good if we can first take a sneak peek of the various ways in which people haul their firearm. Even if you observe the safety measures, the way you haul your firearm poses the same danger as someone who has not observed the safety measures.

For instance, if you tie the barrel, the firearm will point at you. This can be dangerous.

Also, you may opt to tie the haul line to the trigger or the trigger handle. However, this action can also be risky because your firearm can go off at any time.

So, assuming you need to haul your firearm into a tree stand, what is the first step you should take?

Well, in this situation, the first step you should take is to haul your firearm whilst ensuring that the barrel is facing downward as you lift it. The advantage of hauling the gun when facing down is that the direction is safe.

Therefore, attaching your haul line to the sling is the recommended method which guarantees a safe direction – downward.

How to Haul a Firearm Using the Recommended Method of Attaching a Haul Line to the Sling

  • Unload your firearm and open the action before climbing the tree-stand
  • Secure one end of the haul line to the firearm’s sling making sure the muzzle is facing down
  • Slip the other end of the haul line through your belt and don’t tie it. This will help pull it freely in the unfortunate event that you fall
  • Secure your FAS to the tree and climb on your stand
  • Once you are on the stand and secure, haul up the firearm and detach the haul line
  • If you had not covered the barrel, check for debris and other obstruction. Load your gun if the barrel is clear.

How to Lower a Firearm from a Tree Stand

  • Unload the firearm and open the action
  • Tie the haul line on the firearm’ s sling
  • Slip it down ensuring that the mouth of the gun is pointed toward the ground
  • Climb down and untie the haul line
  • Inspect whether the barrel has got some debris

What to Do With Your Firearm When Crossing a Fence

Never be tempted to cross a fence while carrying a firearm.

For your safety and that of your firearm, follow these steps.

  • Unload the firearm and open the action
  • Attach the haul line to the sling of the firearm
  • Cross over the fence
  • Haul the firearm over the fenced and ensure the muzzle points downward
  • Lay it down on your side of the fence
  • Detach the haul line and check for any obstructions in the barrel
  • Lastly, load the firearm

What is the Recommended Haul Line?

I recommend using a commercialized haul line for hauling guns and related tools up a tree stand.  Unlike the other haul lines, the commercialized haul line is made from synthetic fiber, which makes it deliver unbeatable results.

The commercialized haul line has a steel locking D carabiner that makes it more secure. The carabiner is available in both screw-locks and auto lock-gates. Custom lengths are available depending on special order.

When it comes to storage, it comes with a storage bag that reduces the risk of getting damaged. Due to its low volume, it does occupy the smallest space possible.

Also, it has a stretch of less than 0.5 at 600 Ib. (272 kg).  This makes it the best for its low-stretching characteristic.

You can use a commercialized haul line for hauling a wide variety of tools. These tools include guns, bows and any other gear you need in hunting.

Worth noting, the straps and the cord are cheaper and readily available. However, they can’t rival a commercialized haul line as far as performance goes.

Why Discourage Carrying of the Tools When Climbing a Tree-stand?

You shouldn’t at any given point attempt to carry tools while climbing a tree-stand. Tools tend to add extra weight, which means you may lose balanced and consequently fall down due to this extra weight. 

Even more, you may be injured by your gun when you fall. Or, you may unintentionally injure other people. Falling down with a gun can also cause damage to your weapon.

So, instead of carrying your gears unsafely, it’s advisable to climb up the tree-stand first then later retrieve them using a haul line. There are several activities that may need a hunter to use a haul line:  

  • When the hunter climbs a tree-stand
  • When the hunter is carrying a fire arm and needs to cross a fence
  • A hunter in his game session may come across a dangerous animal and decide to climb on a tree-stand
  • When the hunter wants to have a nap on the tree-stand
  • When the tool accidentally falls down from the tree-stand

Final Thought

It is always good to go out for hunting and go back home safe and with the game. But due to bad gun-holding practices, some people end up going back home with fatal injuries, while others even die. 

As my parting shot, I advise every gun holder to observe the safety measures at all times. This is the only sure-fire way to evade fatal injuries or deaths arising from irresponsible behavior or neglecting basic safety rules.

So, what is the recommended method for attaching a haul line to a firearm? I believe this question is now as easy as ABC for you!

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