What Should Be Worn At All Times While Climbing A Tree Or In A Tree Stand?

Every year, many conservancies record a high number of cases of hunters’ falls from tree stands.  While some of the falls come purely from other factors, a fair share of them are a result of hunters not wearing the safety gear all the time while climbing a tree or in a tree stand.

These accidents bring about a lot of consequences, such as hunters getting broken wrists, neck, back sprains, cuts, bruises, and so much more. Some may even cause death!

In an effort to reduce tree-stand falls, tree-stand manufacturers in the U.S have made it an industry standard to include a full-body harness in each stand. This has been in place since 2004, and now almost 90% of the tree-stands come equipped with the correct protective wears.

For users who may need something different from what comes with the tree-stands, there are at least seven companies in the United States that produce after-market harness.

It is worth noting that the after-market harnesses are pretty much pocket friendly, with most of them retailing from 48 pounds to 157 pounds.

It is always a good idea to think about your safety at all time while climbing a tree-stand. Wearing a full-body harness is a practical way to stay safe when you are using a tree-stand.  It prevents falling to the ground when ascending and descending from the tree stand.

However, a harness can only prevent you from falling if you connect it correctly. Therefore, always make sure it is connected to the tree when getting into or out of the stand.

What Is A Full-Body Harness?

You may be asking yourself what a full-body harness is. Simply put, it is a device used largely by hunters to protect themselves from falls.

 In case of an accident such as a fall, the device distributes the force over a large surface and ensures the body the body remains suspended in an upright manner. A good full-body harness must have the following:

1. An Anchor (Tie Off Point)

This is the lifeline that is used as a point of attachment for fall arrests. It is required that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing the anchor. Always attach it to a substantial structure.

2. Body Harness

It is a device that helps reduce the chances of body injuries when one falls. It comprises of a strap that passes through the shoulder and the thighs. It also has a D-ring and a snap hook.

Note: A good body harness should have a D-ring that is larger than the snap hook and should be fitted properly at the center of the upper back.

3. Connecting Device

This is a retractable support or shock-absorbing cord whose connectors are used to link a full-body harness to the anchor system. The different connectors include carabiners, snap hooks, D-rings, and rope grabs

4. Descent & Rescue

This is a mechanism used to raise and lower a person who has fallen from a tree-stand and is under harness arrest. A good harness should have this mechanism since it helps rescue the person without any possibility of a free fall.

Note: This mechanism should always be reviewed on a routine basis.


Observing safety measures while climbing a tree or in a tree stand is a sure-fire way to reduce accidents emanating from tree-stand falls. Before deciding on using a tree-stand, know that your family, friends and colleagues in the game industries would like to see you in one piece. Hope you get your answer of What Should Be Worn At All Times While Climbing A Tree Or In A Tree Stand? 

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