The Best Qad Exodus Reviews in 2023 – Buying Guide [Ranked]

In the broadheads world, the QAD Exodus selections rank among the best. There are many reasons why these broadheads are highly rated, but one major feature is that they are made of 100% stainless steel blades. The broadheads are designed for penetration and accuracy. They are American-Made and perfectly made to kill prey upon impact.

Another thing that makes this broadhead above others out there on the market is the Blade Over Shaft (B.O.S) Technology that it features. With this B.O.S tech, it creates a short broadhead length that makes sure the arrow has the same length as those that have field points on the tip. To help you understand these broadheads further, here are the top 5 qad exodus reviews;

Qad Exodus Broadheads Reviews And Comparison

Top 5 Qad Exodus Reviews

1. QAD Exodus Nonbarb Full-Blade Broadhead

Are you in search of a broadhead that can outperform the dull and weak broadheads in your arsenal? If you are, here is a perfect selection for you. At first glance, you might be fooled by the look of this broadhead. It seems too simple to deliver the job ideally. However, it has been designed to give you the best shooting opportunity.

The broadhead comes with a revolutionary compact design that assures you of strength and stability when flying in the air. The sturdy construction also keeps it steady in the air to maintain and enhance accuracy. By the way, this unit will last even longer than the arrow that it’s attached to.

QAD Exodus Nonbarb Full-Blade Broadhead

Plus, the broadhead comes with a 100gr weight, along with four razor-sharp blades. The blades come already sharp and able to pierce through the toughest animal skin without a problem. Keep in mind that the blades have a .40 thickness, along with a 1.25 cutting diameter. The full-type blades are replaceable too.

You won’t need to sharpen them at first because they come already sharp and ready to sink into the animal’s flesh. Thanks to the stainless steel blades and tip, this broadhead will perfectly split the animal’s bone without breaking.


  • Compact and steady in the air
  • Razor-sharp full-design blades
  • .40 thick blades with a 1.25-inch cutting diameter
  • Heavy-duty SST material keeps the broadhead strong
  • Capable of splitting bones


  • Removing it from the packaging is tricky

2. QAD Exodus Review: 125-Grain Broadhead Full Blade

This is another top-rated broadhead from Exodus. If you don’t prefer the 100-grain unit, you can go for this one. This is a 125-grain broadhead that does a great job of delivering excellent shots.

It features the iconic stainless steel construction, and it is also compact. Even with its compactness, this little monster is heavy-duty and able to penetrate through skin and bones perfectly. Thanks to such design and construction features, the broadhead remains consistent in the air while delivering accurate shots. Plus, this little fella will penetrate the flesh of the prey without any challenge.

QAD Exodus 125-Grain Broadhead Full Blade

The broadhead is super-sharp and comes with a .40-inch thickness. It comes with a steeper cutting angle that promotes penetration. The short design assures you of a shot that is similar to the field point. Furthermore, the tight machining tolerance is coupled with a short design hence assuring you of a precision spin.

There is a rock-buster hardened SST tip that enhances the strength of the broadhead. The blades on this unit are fixed and you can replace them as you wish. When you have a 1.25-inch cutting diameter, you can be sure of enjoying the killing instincts of this little beast.


  • Compact and heavy-duty to maintain shot accuracy
  • Incredible killing ability
  • Rock-buster hardened SST tip that enhances the strength of the broadhead
  • 125gr weight
  • Sharp and replaceable blades


  • May not fly exactly like the field points

3. Exodus Broadheads Reviews – QAD Crossbow Full Blade

Here comes a 100gr-weight broadhead that can help you with the hunting spree. The broadhead comes with replaceable blades that leave total damage to the game. You can call this one The Terminator because it is sure of terminating the life of the animal when it sinks into its flesh.

QAD Exodus Crossbow Full Blade Broadhead

The cutting diameter, for starters, is one of the top features. It has a 1.25-inch cutting diameter that will leave a serious wound and promote blood flow. The blades on this one are super strong and they can deliver dozens of shots without the need for re-sharpening. Even at 25 yards, this fella will still hit the target and bring it to a kill. We loved the excellent penetration of this baby.

Of course, this one also comes with a B.O.S design to offer a steep cutting angle. That way, you can be sure of hitting the vital organs of the animal and bringing it to a kill. Furthermore, this one comes with a cut-on-contact head that is sure of delivering an incredible hit on the prey. In other words, it will perfectly dig deep into the flesh of the animal once it gets in contact with it.


  • Cut-on-contact head delivers incredible penetration
  • 1.25-inch cutting diameter
  • Tempered stainless steel head for better stability in the air
  • Comes in a pack of three
  • Blades are replaceable


  • They don’t fly exactly like field points

4. QAD Exodus Broadhead Full Replacement Blades  

This Exodus Broadhead comes with full-design blades that are replaceable too. The broadhead is specifically designed for standard arrows.

They come with a revolutionary compact head that offers it extra strength. With such a design, this unit can perfectly bust through the toughest bones without any problem. It comes with blades that are .40-inch thick and capable of leaving a cutting diameter of 1.25 inches.

QAD Exodus Broadhead Full Replacement Blades

By the way, the blades are super sharp and able to last for long without the need for resharpening them. Also, it delivers a seep cutting angle that will surely hit the vital organs without a problem. One thing that makes this broadhead outshine most units out there is that it is designed to perfectly penetrate the flesh.

The durability of the broadhead is also an assurance, so no need to worry about that. It also features a heavy-duty SST material at the tip, which helps to open an entry point into the animal’s flesh. Regardless of the toughness of the skin, this baby will perfectly penetrate.


  • Excellent tip design
  • Perfect penetration
  • Steep cutting angle for hitting vital organs
  • Razor-shape blades that are replaceable
  • The blade is durable too


  • They won’t work well with 100gr heads

5. Exodus Broadheads Review – QAD Deep Six Exodus

Our last product on the list, but not the least-favorable, is this Deep-Six Exodus Broadhead. This one comes with a super-short design that assures you of field point accuracy with the fixed blades.

QAD Deep Six Exodus Broadhead

It has a 1.25-inch cutting diameter that is enough to leave damage in the game and assure you of a kill within sight. This one works only with the Deep Six inserts, which might be an issue for some people. Besides that, this unit comes with a steep cutting angle, along with a hardened SST tip. With this, you can be sure of devastating penetration.

Also, this beast delivers a consistent pass through that is super impressive. The short design also helps to enhance the field point accuracy. We won’t fail to acknowledge the field-point dimensions that assure you of zero wind planning.


  • Short design for field-point accuracy
  • Decent cutting diameter
  • Steep cutting angle
  • Stable and accurate when flying
  • Bone-splitting strength


  • It only works with Deep Six inserts

With this QAD Exodus review, you can now be confident of getting the best Exodus broadheads out there.

How to Use QAD Exodus

Using a QAD Exodus broadhead shouldn’t be any different from any other broadhead. All in all, make sure that you observe the necessary safety precautions when working with them.

First of all, you must ensure that you assemble the broadhead as needed. Always attach one blade after the other when working with the blade. The bent side should face outwards for each blade. Ensure that you tune the broadhead accordingly.

Ideally, start by shooting several groups with field points then include one or two arrows with the broadhead attached. You can shoot from 20 to 30 yards and check the consistent impact pint of each field point compared to the broadheads. After this, you can move the rest with small increments away from the broadhead.

How to Sharpen QAD Exodus

Sharpening the blades of the QAD Exodus broadheads is one of the most challenging things when working with the broadhead. You can use a diamond hone to sharpen the blades to razor sharpness. Just make sure you sharpen one blade after the other and not to hold the blade with your bare hands. When extremely sharp, the blade can easily prick or slice your fingers. That is why you need to be careful when sharpening them. Following a video tutorial on YouTube could make work easier for you.

But if the blades are worn out excessively, then you should replace them to avoid the hassle and possible injuries. Make sure you replace them with the right blades from QAD Exodus so that they fit perfectly. Above all Qad Exodus Reviews, store the broadhead safely and properly to prevent them from injuring someone or wearing out too quickly.

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