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What Should Be Used To Screw On Broadheads? Broadheads are sharp cutting metal tips attached to arrow shafts. They are usually used to hunt game. Broadheads are designed to give wide deep cuts leading to a very fast death.

Types of Broadheads

Broadheads come in three types: mechanical, removable or fixed blades.

1. Fixed blades:

They are usually glued to the arrow shafts. It is common with archers who prefer the traditional style. These are the best as they give a perfect shot as compared to mechanical blades. This is because they require no energy to open their blades on impact.

2. Removable blades

These broadheads can be removed from the shaft. In case the blades are damaged they can be easily replaced without the need to discard the whole arrow.

3. Mechanical blades:

These blades retract upon shooting and open up upon impact. The impact of mechanical blades is less compared to fixed blades. This is because of the energy required for the blades to open during impact. They are very effective used with bows of 50 pounds or more. They, however, fly faster than the fixed blades.

 Regardless of their different types broadheads vary in sizes and shapes. They are always kept sharp before and after practice and before going on a hunt.

Just like every other activity, archery requires one to invest in quality tools broadheads being one of them. Broadheads are usually bought separate allowing and require a set up before use. This, therefore, allows archers to create their tools to meet their preferences. They are to be screwed on the tips of arrow shafts.

What Should Be Used To Screw On Broadheads?

The various methods used for broadhead installation are:

1. Tying

This method was mostly used traditionally.The broadhead was simply tied to an arrow shaft by the use of a rope. This method is however proven to be ineffective as the head may not be properly secured and can fall off easily. Broadheads are quite sharp and create risks for accidents when lost. This is very dangerous hence this method is highly discouraged.

2. Screw-in

Broadheads that come with this type of installation method usually have manufacturers guide on how to do it. It is important to carefully follow the instructions for them to be properly secured. Mostly experts are the ones who can fix these types of broadheads.

Even though broadheads come with threaded attachments (screw-ins) that are used to install them on the shafts, it is not enough as the force the arrow impacts during the shoot may cause it to fall. So to ensure the broadheads have been properly secured the method used is gluing.

3. Gluing

This is the most effective method of securing broadheads. Gluing can either be done by the use of hot glue or cold glue. Both cold glue and hot glue have their limitations and advantages. 

Tips For Gluing Broadheads

The general steps to follow while gluing are:

  • Use an adaptor between the arrow shaft and the broadhead to act as a bridge between them. It will enable the broadhead to be fixed securely on the arrow.
  • In case you do not use an adapter, clean the section of the broadhead that is attached to the shaft.
  • Use materials like sandpaper, alcohol and nail polish to clean the arrow and broadhead. The sandpaper will help to create a rough surface, while the nail polish or alcohol aids in the removal of any traces of oil in the broadhead. Even with the adapter, the broadheads are to be cleaned.
  • Ensure all the arrows are cleaned before fixing.

Gluing the Broadheads

Generally, gluing is the most crucial part of this process. When using hot glue, make sure you heat it first using a lamp. Keep in mind that too much heat can damage the blades.

Use the glue gun to avoid burns when applying it. Align the shaft and the broadhead so that when the glue sets it is properly fixed. Use pliers. When using cold glue, smear it directly to the broadhead but do not overheat. Quickly align them since cold glue sets fast.

Ensure the shaft and the broadhead are aligned perfectly. This is to be done before, after and during the process. It can be done by the use of aligners present in the market.


Most archers prefer this method when fixing their broadheads. It is widely used because it is easy, effective and in the case of misalignment, it can easily be repaired. This method works best with fixed blades. It is therefore convenient for hunters who have fixed blades as a preference. 

Broadheads that are fixed using this method can be easily removed when an archer only want to replace a damaged blade. They can do so without having to get rid of the whole arrow. When removing the blade from the shaft take great caution to avoid damaging them. It is advisable to use a low source of heat to reduce the chances of damaging the blades. Some archers prefer alcohol burners to torch because an alcohol burner generates the right amount of energy and it does not interfere with the composition of the glue. Some broadheads are made without any ceramic coating. These require keenness when heating to avoid damage.


  • It is easy to remove broadheads that are attached using this method. Though it requires caution as the heat can damage them during removal.
  • It is easy to use on screw-in broadheads 
  • Since this type of glue is widely used and has been in use for a long time, it has gone through several tests hence the production of the best quality.
  • It requires a little amount of time for the installation process hence time-saving.
  • It is useful in the case where the archer only wants to replace a damaged blade.
  • Broadheads can be realigned after the application before the glue sets for proper alignment.


  • The broadheads can be damaged during the heating process.
  • There are possibilities to acquire a burn.
  • To use this method you are to have a heating device and glue gun.

Steps of fixing broadheads using hot glue

  • The first step is to ensure the glue is warm. This is done by the use of a glue gun or a heat source. After melting it place about 3 drops on the broadhead
  • Insert the arrow in the broadhead and warm it till the glue flows evenly between the two surfaces. Be cautious to ensure the broadhead is not overheated.
  • Align the arrow and the broadhead while the glue is still warm. It ensures that the two are aligned perfectly after the glue sets.


This requires either the use of cold glue or super glue. The process of applying cold glue is similar to that of hot glue without the heating. Cold glue, however, once placed sets instantly securing the broadhead. The arrows are ready to use faster as compared to hot glue because it sets almost instantly. When super glue is used the alignment is to be done fast as it sets faster than the cold glue. This, however, makes it difficult to align the arrow and shaft correctly. 


  • This method doesn’t requires too many tools or supplies
  • The broadhead is not exposed to any damage during installation.
  • It is fast and easy to use.
  • It is strong.
  • It is a safer method as compared to hot glue.


  • Rectifying the mistakes made when during fixing is impossible as it sets immediately.
  • Broadheads fixed using cold glues cannot be removed.
  • Cold glue becomes brittle on curing.

Safety Measure When Handling Broadheads

When handling broadheads it is important to take into consideration the safety measures. They include: 

  • A special wrench is to be used when screwing the broadhead to the arrow. This prevents cuts from the broadhead in the case of any slip-up.
  • During sharpening, the blade is to be stroked away from the hands and body. Use rubber bands stretched across a small opening to test for the sharpness of the blade. If the strands are cut easily it means the blade is sharp for hunting.
  • They should always be put in a covered quiver while traveling. Most of the injuries during traveling occur when loading or off-loading the broadheads in the vehicle.

Archers or hunters are free to choose on which method they are to choose to screw on their broadheads. When attaching broadheads it is strongly advised to not use the tying method. Even though some broadheads come with a threaded attachment to be used to fasten them, it is advisable to combine it with the gluing method.

This will reduce the incidences of accidents during their usage as they will not fall off when they are subjected to force. The gluing method usually varies from person to person so it best to choose one that works well for you.

A hunter or an archer is known by his tools and how well he has mastered them. The process of mounting broadheads affects archers’ performance during practice and in the field. When correctly installed they achieve greater results. Poorly fixed broadheads result in bad performance and can cause serious injuries in the field. Hope you get the answer of what should be used to screw on broadheads?

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