Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review & Buying Guide (2023 Updated)

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review & Buying Guide

Choosing the right size and style of a crossbow is no mean feat especially for beginners. Different bows are intended for different purposes. For instance, some are designed to achieve maximum speeds whilst others are designed with ultimate accuracy as the key goal in mind.

When picking a crossbow for the first time, it’d be better to keep things as simple as possible. Once you’ve acquired enough experience under your belt, you can now opt for extra catchy features. Every first-time crossbow buyer can never go wrong with the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package (Quiver, 3 – 20-Inch Arrows and Premium Red Dot Sight).

In our Barnett gamecrusher crossbow package review, we focus on this phenomenal bow, which is the best fit for both a rank beginner and a seasoned hunter. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the Barnett Jackal.

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review & Overview

For Whom Is It Designed?

The Barnett Jackal is a simple, lightweight and affordable crossbow designed to be a shooter’s first bow. It comes as a complete package and delivers the same great features and power as its higher priced alternatives. This low-maintenance bow is ideal for anyone who’s just joining the ranks.

Barnett Gamecrusher Crossbow Package Review – Features & Benefits

Accuracy & Power

Intended for hunters and target shooters, the Jackal is a high performance bow with unmatched accuracy and power. It combines a unique cable system with high energy wheels and quad limbs, enabling it to deliver excellent arrow speeds of over 315 feet per second.

With a 150-pound draw weight and 95FP kinetic energy, the Barnett Jackal has what it takes to take down any game with a single shot. Besides its fast and powerful performance, it’s equally extremely accurate. This is all thanks to the Picatinny rail or Weaver rail, which affords a perfect platform for mounting the arrow.

The Jackal’s well-balanced design guarantees straight and accurate shots. It ensures a smooth 3.5lb trigger pull using the new ADF MIM trigger. This also prevents any jerky movements that could mess up your arm.

Red Dot Sight

Often, you need to close one eye when aiming with a gun or a recurve bow. However, this isn’t necessary when using the Jackal, because it’s designed to shoot right out of the box.

The package comprises a premium red dot sight, bolts, and a quick-detach quiver. Thanks to the red dot sight, this model makes it possible to pinpoint your target with a bow sight. And, making a target of acquisition is a breeze, since you’ll be able to open both eyes and you’re aware of the speed, distance, and surroundings.


The Barnett Jackal boasts a sleek stock and a military inspired design. The stock adds a nice touch of elegance to its appearance while also providing a safer and more comfortable grip. The split foregrip design provides extra comfort and helps maintain correct hand placement.

Your hands will be safely positioned beneath the path of the string and arrow, thus facilitating the accuracy of your shots. In terms of weight, the Jackal weighs a paltry 7.7 lbs, which makes it simple to carry around during your hunting spree. Even more, it boasts a 12-inch power stroke, which means almost anyone can use it without fuss.

The Barnett’s engineers made sure that the Jackal reflects safety in every step of the way. Not only is the 3.5-pound trigger easy to pull, but it’s also crisp enough to keep accidental misfires at bay. Moreover, the Jackal highlights the high-definition camouflage design, which means it does blend perfectly into your surroundings.

Construction & Durability

The Barnett Jackal is built with highly durable materials to last for years to come. It features an aluminum rail, which is not only durable but also allows the crossbow to be downright lightweight.

As with most modern bows, the limbs are made of a composite material to be able to withstand the high pressures and to achieve maximum flexibility. The cable and string are made with synthetic materials, which are also more durable than other materials.

Naturally, after about 700 or so shots, the string starts to fray and separate. Nevertheless, string replacements are available at very affordable prices. In a nutshell, the Barnett Jackal is a great entry level bow that’s built to last.

What We Liked

  • Great design and excellent durability
  • Unparalleled power, speed and accuracy
  • Lightweight, comfortable and well-balanced
  • Ideal for both beginners and intermediate archers
  • Energy wheels for enhanced performance
  • Packs enough kinetic energy for any legal game in the US
  • Automated safety cocking mechanism prevents dry firing
  • Very affordable for such a powerful compound crossbow

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

  • Package lacks a rope cocking device
  • A little noisy when shooting
  • No mechanism for adjusting the stock

How To Change String On Barnett Gamecrusher Crossbow?

Restringing the Barnett Jackal is a standard maintenance procedure that must be done every 200-700 shots. Luckily, this sort of maintenance is simple and takes the least effort and time. There are two ways in which you can go about this: with or without a cable stringer. Let’s see both ways.

Changing String Without A Cable

  1. Attach one bowstring loop onto one of the nocks. (A nock is the notched-out terminal of the bow limb).
  2. Place the bow towards the ground so that the stirrup lies flat on it. (The stirrup is where you place your foot in for leverage when cocking).
  3. Put your foot into the stirrup and draw the limb that’s without a bowstring attached to it towards you.
  4. Hook the free bowstring end onto the empty nock. And that’s it! This process calls for strength though, especially if your crossbow has a larger draw weight.

Changing String With A Cable Stringer

  1. Loop one of the bowstrings onto the nock like you did without a stringer.
  2. Connect the terminals of the cable stringer onto both crossbow nocks.
  3. Cock the bow and affix the free bowstring end over the remaining nocks.
  4. Fire the crossbow to release the tension (avoid dry firing, though).
  5. Pry the end of the stringer out from below the bowstring so the end you last looped the bowstring to can release the stringer.

How To Assemble Barnett Gamecrusher Crossbow

Assembling your Barnett Jackal should take 15 minutes or less. Follow the below steps to do it:

  • Attach the quiver bracket

The Barnett Jackal installation instructions demand that the assembling begins with binding the quiver bracket to the bottom of the stock using the provided screws.

  • Pop in the cable slide

Next, insert the cable slide then cables and strings into the limbs.

  • Press the riser into the stock

Once the strings and cables are in their rightful position, proceed to push the riser into the stock. Make sure to press the riser until it produces a click sound. Then, reinforce it using the hex belt that comes with the Barnett Jackal crossbow. Just like that, and you’re good to start shooting!

Bottom Line

From the features, it’s evident that the Barnett Jackal offers much more than you’d expect from its affordable price tag. This reliable unit has excellent power, speed and accuracy. Its quad limbs ensure unmatched support and stability, without adding any weight.

Although the omission of a cocking device and loud noise might put some people off, this product is overall great. This crossbow makes up for its drawbacks with a red dot optic, enough kinetic energy and easy trigger action for precision shooting.

As our bottom line, we recommend the Barnett Jackal Compound Crossbow for both the rank beginning and the seasoned veteran who values affordability, accuracy, sturdiness, durability, and power in a crossbow. Grab this model and enjoy both worlds of versatility and target shooting in one single package.

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